About us

The team is always the key to success: we are different, but all of us are committed to offer the best to our guests. Our secret? We enjoy very much working together.

Our story

Hello there! This is Luca and Margherita! We have been knowing eachother since we were kids and we have been married for almost 20 years. We have two wonderful daughters we are very proud of.

We were born in Turin, where we have grown, studied and lived until 2013, when we fell in love with the beautiful landscape and lifestyle of Langhe and so we decided to move here.

Our families have taught us how much joy you can feel when you well-set a table, sharing with friends a meal cooked with love and a glass of good wine.

All of this has become the Trés, which is our job, of course, but it’s our passion first. Because food, wine and love are closely linked one to another.

Our team

Margherita Giampiccolo


I am Margherita, I like smiling and making people smile: I think that a well cooked and carefully prepared meal is a vehicle for joy.

Nonna Mariola taught me that good things need time and care, Nonna Albertina how to make pasta and Davide Palluda, one Michelin star chef in Canale, the great importance of professionalism, the extreme precision in the kitchen and the respect for raw materials. I like to travel, walk, take photos, read, observe, but first of all I love to discover different culinary traditions, because other people are always a treasure. My kingdom for bread, tomato and basil. 

Luca Guastini

“Oste” and Sommelier

I am Luca. I have been living two lives, because I used to be a lawyer and now I am a sommelier AIS.

They say I am a curious guy: besides the Law, I played and wrote music, directed choirs and orchestras, I studied physics and economics, played cards, disassembled and reassembled computers and I don’t know what else.
I will always be curious, but now I found my place at Trés; I look forward to meeting you and chatting about wine and food, trying to find the best pairing. You can be sure we will have a lot to talk about! 

Anna Buganè


I am Anna, Margherita’s right arm (or left leg). Everyday I share with her the pleasure of cooking for Trés customers. When I am not in the kitchen, I am in the garden and if I am not in the garden either, you can try and find me somewhere in Alta Langa.

Food is a perfect marriage between substance and lightness, a research to balance taste and wellness. I have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, for fun and work, and I have always had a great passion for colors, vegetables and clear, clean, simple flavors.

I am so grateful to have followed a professional path on vegetarian cuisine, which has broadened my culinary horizons, but I have never forgotten the pleasure of putting bread in the roasted sauce.

Ivana Fozzi


I am Ivana, I walk and run without a break, all day long, everyday.

I am always on the move and after a long way, I eventually arrived in Trezzo Tinella, where I am happy to welcome the customers of Trés, making them feel confortable and raccomending the best options according to their own tastes. I have been going back and forth between tables and kitchen for many years now: I love food and wine and my job is really the right one for me!

My resourcefulness led me to chase my great passion: I am studying to get a sommelier degree and I will reach my goal very soon.